BALANCE.                                                       STRENGTH.                                                          COORDINATION.  

bal•ance/[bal-uhns]/n. & v. –

a state of equilibrium; equal distribution of weight; mental steadiness.


strength/[strengkth, strength, strenth]/ n. – the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor; moral power or courage.


co•or•di•na•tion/[koh-awr-dn-ey-shuhn]/ n. – work or act together effectively; bringing various parts and movements into required relation to ensure harmony.




Working with a personal trainer gives you the support and guidance for your individual needs and challenges.  It will be you taking the steps to own your body and get you on the road to success!

The Power of One Training offers one-on-one training in a private environment or in small group classes, allowing you to stay focused while working towards achieving your fitness goals.


Strength, core training, balance, and flexibility are essential in giving you what you need to improve your fitness level. Focus will be on proper body alignment and positioning, improving coordination through movement and muscle toning, resulting in a strong mind and body.



The Power of One Training will support you by keeping you motivated, determined and inspired. Muscle confusion is the regular practice, which uses different modes of activity and exercises to always change things up.



"There is an element of surprise with every session; you will leave feeling a closer connection to your body and your mind!"


I am a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

There are many elements of yoga that I incorporate into my practice and training.  By doing so, I am able to impart to my clients the benefits of movement, breath, and mindfulness.


I am a certified CancerSmart Exercise Specialist. Medical studies show that cancer patients in particular gain valuable benefits from exercising regularly. Proper body alignment and positioning, focusing on muscle toning and core conditioning though a series of movements will result in a strong mind and body.




I am passionate about supporting others to help them find

their inner and outer strength. 

In the winter of 2007, my life and my body changed. With the love and support of my family, friends, and doctors, I embarked on a journey that I never thought I would have to go through. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fitness has always been an important part of my life, but it was only as a result of my battle with cancer that I truly realized the importance of keeping fit. Fitness became an integral part of my survival strategy as well as a part of my prescription for recovery and ongoing health and wellness.


In 2009, with my commitment to fitness and the hunger to help others, I chose to train my mind and body to be something more. I chose to become a personal training specialist and wellness coach, a leader who is able to help motivate, support and maintain fitness fun while developing a personalized fitness routine for others and their lifestyles. I work to guide clients towards healthier living that still allows for all of life’s little pleasures.


My goal is to help others want to help themselves, to direct and participate with them in a private and personal environment in order to feel great everyday!


 “I work to guide clients towards healthier living that

still allows for all of life’s little pleasures.”




Prepare your body and mind for surgery and treatments:



Work through a series of exercises to gently strengthen core muscles, back muscles, neck and shoulders, hips and legs. Use of breathing techniques in order to calm the mind and connect mind to body center. Focus on preparing the body by gently using stretching sequences in order to relieve tension and stress.


During Treatment:




Relieve tension and stress from treatments and medications by encouraging flexibility and movement. Work through the body's small and large muscle groups, from fingers to toes.


Post Treatment:

Rebuild and Renew



With guidance, support and gentle motivation, you will learn to challenge and trust your body and your mind. Fitness will help you to reconnect with your inner strength and your body’s ability to move forward.


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